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Haddie Bell (born 29 December, 2000) is a Canadian singer, songwriter and poet.

The Parry Sound, Ontario native began her career writing her tuneful acoustic folk-pop songs in her bedroom, recording and playing them for anyone who might listen.


Associating her youthful charm with soft, gentle vocals that evoke a nostalgic, intimate atmosphere; she often colours her lyrics with soft guitars, piano, and a violin.


Inspired by the likes of singer-songwriters; Lana Del Rey, Alanis Morrissette & Taylor Swift she often uses her songwriting as a sort of personal diary.


Haddie works to achieve a balance of folk, country and pop sounds in her work. She began sharing her often raw demos with as many people as she could by way of YouTube and Soundcloud and has since honed her craft over the years by retaining the charisma of her intimate vocals while adopting a sleeker pop sound.


Haddie hopes to release her full-length debut in late 2023. 

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